Driveshaft Shop 1986-1992 Toyota Supra Turbo Manual/1989-1992 Turbo Automatic 1-Piece Steel Driveshaft



This is the steel replacement shaft for the 86-92 Supra Turbo 5-Speed and 89-92 Turbo Automatic. This shaft is about 15lb less than the factory 33lb 2-piece and will give the car a faster throttle response due to the fact the hanger bearing is not moving up and down during acceleration. A less expensive alternative to our aluminum shaft, it has been suggested by a few of the drift cars that we sponsor the steel shaft breaks the tires loose quicker than the aluminum. This steel shaft will give you most of the benefits of the aluminum shaft, without the cost. Available for most popular motor/trans combinations, if you don’t see yours listed, custom shafts are also available.

Please Note: This driveshaft is for the 86-92 Supra Turbo 5-Speed and 89-92 Turbo Automatic ONLY and will not fit the 86-88 Turbo Automatic or 86-88 Turbo Automatic with 5-Speed conversion. Use driveshaft part number TOSH3 (Aluminum) and TOSH3-S (Steel)