DBA Nissan GT-R T3 5000 Series Directional Replacement Rotor - Right


$398.20 $506.80


Part Name: T3 5000 Repl Rotor
Position: Front
Description: DBA 5000 Series flat discs are designed specifically to replace just the rotor ring in DBA and other popular two-piece rotor configurations. They are available in multiple slot, drill, and dimple designs and various vent designs as well.
Retail Price: $506.8

Packaging Information
Packaging UOM: EA
Quantity of Eaches in Packaging: 1

Packaging Dimensions
Height: 2.4
Width: 11.81
Length: 11.81
Weight: 12.95

Product Dimensions
Diameter: 388
Height: N/A
Thickness: 32.8
Minimum Thickness: 30.8
Hub Bore: N/A
UOM: mm
Number of Holes: N/A