BTI Gauges TPMS CAN System


500 Kb/s with Internal Sensor
500 Kb/s with External Sensor
1 Mb/s with Internal Sensor
1 Mb/s with External Sensor


The BTI TPMS system is a way to add tire pressure and temperature data to your BTI CAN display. The BTI TPMS system is available with two different baud rates: 500 Kb/s ( AEM infinity, AEM V2 or ECUs working on an OEM CAN bus ) or 1 Mb/s for most other aftermarket ECUs including ECU Master, MoTeC M1, Pro EFI, Haltech, Emtron, and many others. The BTI TPMS CAN system is also available with two different sensor options: External sensor caps for a simple non-intrusive installation or Internal sensors for a more OEM type of installation which will require the tire to be removed and re-mounted. The BTI TPMS system is a plug and play option that utilizes the auxiliary CAN expansion 4 pin port on the back of our gauge and dash products.