BT Innovations // BTI CAN Gauge (52mm/60mm) for ProEFI




BTI CAN Gauge (52mm/60mm) for ProEFI

The BTI 52mm and 60mm CAN gauge with ProEFI integration is capable of displaying parameters on 12 programmable screens.  View telemetry data exactly as the ECU sees them with a fairly simple 4 wire termination. 

There are compound parameter screens that include a peak hold function for boost. wheel slip, and knock energy.

The shift light is programmable by gear.

Parameters available on ProEFI ECUs:
Lambda 1 / AFR 1
Lambda2 / AFR 2
Lambda Average (Lambda 1 + Lambda2 divided by 2)
AFR Average (AFR1 + AFR2 divided by 2)
Lambda Target
AFR Target
Manifold Air Pressure (Kpa or psi)
Fuel Pressure (psi)
Oil Pressure (psi)
Intake Air Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Coolant Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Engine Speed (RPM) / Rev Limit
Ignition Timing
Battery Volts
Throttle percentage
Engine Torque
Ethanol Content (%)
Vehicle Speed (MPH)
Calculated Gear
Driven / Non-Driven Wheel speed
Differential Wheel Speed / Differential Wheel Speed Allowed
TCS Spark
Mas g/sec (MAF airflow)
EGT 1 & 2
Exhaust Back Pressure
Nitrous Pressure (1-4)
Injector 1 Pulse width (ms)
Injector Lambda Feedback
Injector Duty Cycle (%)
Air Box Temp (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Oil Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Mode Switch
Transmission Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
AT Shifter Position
Torque Converter State
Turbo Speed (RPM) 1 & 2
Wastegate Duty Cycle
Knock Energy (1-8)
RPM Rev limit
I Boost Position
Final A/F 1 & 2
Desired A/T Gear
Transmission Pressure


Custom Splash Screen ($25.00):
 We can insert a custom splash screen that will pop up when you turn on the vehicle. Note that the images must be converted to a black and white image.

60 mm option ($30.00):
This option will increase the gauge size to 60mm. The 60mm gauge has a larger display and retains the exact functionality as the 52mm gauge