BT Innovations // BTI Gauges CAN Gauge (52mm/60mm) for AEM V2



BTI CAN Gauge (52mm/60mm) for AEM V2

This is the third generation 52mm OLED CAN gauge. This latest revision of our classic CAN gauge boasts a larger screen, faster processor, and more memory that it's predecessor. This means that all of our supported integrations are built into one gauge. With 12 customizable pages that allow 1,2 or 3 different parameters on one page and multiple special built in screens as well. Like all BTI gauges and displays, there is a configurable shift light that may be programmed by gear. There is also a light sensor for auto-dimming purposes. The included mounting system is a 52mm nut that threads onto the back of the gauge. There is an optional bracket, posts and thumb screws available for tight installations.

In The Box

  • 52mm Gauge
  • 4 Pin Harness
  • Digital Access Instructions
  • Vinyl Sticker
  • Pigtails (Subject to integration)