BT Innovations // BTI Gauges CAN Gauge (52mm/60mm) for AEM Infinity

$375.00 – $448.00

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***COVID19 Notice***

BT Innovations is still operational during this pandemic. However, they have had a record number of orders and are running into supply chain issues. Given that BTI products are handmade in the USA, this means that orders are taking longer to fill than expected. Current lead times are pushing 3-4 weeks from date of order. We appreciate your patience during this period. 

BTI CAN Gauge (52mm/60mm) for AEM Infinity

The BTI CAN gauge programmed for AEM Infinity Integration allows for the selection of 12 user programmable screens.  Each of the 12 screens can be programmed with a single parameter (listed below) or you may also select compound parameter screens which display multiple parameters in an easy to read fashion.

Many of the  parameter screens have an optional re-settable  Peak-Hold function that allows you to keep your eyes on the road.

The Boost screen shows the peak boost in between boost episodes. The Slip screen shows peak Slip and Torque reduction.
The Knock Feedback screen will display the MAP pressure, Timing during Peak knock feedback.

This gauge includes an orange shift light that is programmable by gear.

The Infinity integration also allows for warning messages to be displayed.  These warnings will flash on the screen during normal gauge operation and inform the operator of the error that occurred and the parameter value that caused the fault. 
Faults include: Lean Protect, Over-Boost Protect, Oil Pressure Protect,  Engine Protect  which includes Coolant Overheating

Parameters available on Infinity ECUs with V96.1 or V96.2 firmware:
Lambda 1 / AFR 1
Lambda2 / AFR 2
Lambda Average (Lambda 1 + Lambda2 divided by 2)
AFR Average (AFR1 + AFR2 divided by 2)
Lambda Target
AFR Target
Manifold Air Pressure (kPa or psi) - Peak-Hold
Fuel Pressure (kPa or psi) - Peak-Hold
Oil Pressure ( kPa or psi) - Peak-Hold
Intake Air Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) - Peak-Hold
Coolant Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) - Peak-Hold
Engine Speed (RPM) - Peak-Hold
Ignition Timing
Battery Volts
Throttle percentage
Engine Torque **(This feature currently does not report correctly, but it is our understanding that AEM will have this soon)
Horsepower **(This feature currently does not report correctly, but it is our understanding that AEM will have this soon)
Ethanol Content (%)
Vehicle Speed (MPH) - Peak-Hold
Calculated Gear
Mas/s/gr (MAF airflow)
Mas/s/Lb (MAF airflow)
Mas/r/gr (MAF airflow)
Mas/r/lb (MAF airflow)
Injector 1 Pulse width (ms) - Peak-Hold
Injector Lambda Feedback
Injector Duty Cycle (%) - Peak Hold
Air Box Temp (Celsius or Fahrenheit) - Peak-Hold
Oil Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) - Peak-Hold
Mode Switch
Transmission Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) - Peak-Hold
Turbo Speed (RPM) - Peak-Hold
Traction Control  Slip Target
Traction Control Slip
Traction Control Torque Reduced
Satellite Speed (Requires AEM 30-2203 Vehicle Dynamics Module)
Satellites Availible (Requires AEM 30-2203 Vehicle Dynamics Module)
Altitude (Requires AEM 30-2203 Vehicle Dynamics Module)
X, Y, and Z Acceleration (Requires AEM 30-2203 Vehicle Dynamics Module)
X, Y, and Z Yaw (Requires AEM 30-2203 Vehicle Dynamics Module)


BTI Plug and Pin harness for AEM Infinity ($18.00):
This is the Plug and Pin harness that is required for custom and DIY AEM Infinity harnesses that do not include the 4 pin AEM Net connector.
The CAN high / low wires are terminated with the Molex pins required for insertion into the AEM / Molex connectors. The power and ground are bare wires and will need to be connected to power and ground.

Custom Splash Screen ($25.00):
 We can insert a custom splash screen that will pop up when you turn on the vehicle. Note that the images must be converted to a black and white image.

60 mm option ($30.00):
This option will increase the gauge size to 60mm. The 60mm gauge has a larger display and retains the exact functionality as the 52mm gauge