Boost Logic - Oil Cooler Kit Nissan GT-R R35 09-13


SKU: 2010401


The first thing that sprung to mind in upgrading the GTRs oil cooler was how the OE Denso style cooler is a disaster in terms of efficiency and even with a fairly large 9in height it was still only a 15 row design. For our cooler we went with the industry standard in race car cooling with a Setrab/Earls style core over an inch in height taller than the factory core. Between the increased fin density and additional height the Boost Logic oil cooler more than doubles than factory cores row count. Next we approached another design flaw in the tight radius bends into the core, these bends limit the flow through the core before the engine has to bypass oil around the cooler to maintain pressure at the engine, with full-flow 12AN nickel plated fittings more oil will be allowed to the core before the engine bypasses the inherent pressure restriction. All of these issues had to be solved while maintaining a 100% bolt on installation and the factory ducting for a quick and easy install.
  • Larger more efficient core
  • 12AN radius inlet and outlet fittings
  • High quality Russell fittings and lines
  • Bolt-on supplied with all necessary brackets and hardware.
  • OEM location and ducting