Boost Logic 1300X Turbo Kit




Improving on Perfection was not easy. The BL1300x kit combines years of field testing the BL1300 kit we employed many improvements in our design but also using Modern cutting edge Turbo technology with 100% billet design turbos we were able to save weight add reliability and most importantly add horsepower. We also implemented 3.5-inch turbo inlets and intakes this insures an even flow of charged intake air. What does all this add up to? 1400whp with the same spool and drive ability of our BL1300 kit.

  • Boost Logic 100% billet design
  • Tial MVR Wastegates (recirculated)
  • Boost Logic Custom Headers
  • Boost Logic Custom Downpipes
  • Jet-Hot High Temp Coating on Headers, Turbine Housings, and Downpipes
  • Boost Logic Intake Tubing (Available without MAFs)
  • Heat Shielded Feed and Return Lines for Oil and Water
  • Black Silicone Couplers and Clamps