ATI V2 Super Damper Harmonic Crank Pulley for Toyota 2JZ-GTE 918572

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SKU: 918572

ATI v2 Super Damper Harmonic Crank Pulley for Toyota 2JZ-GTE

Manufacturer Description

This updated V2 version of the ATI Super Damper has been designed with a higher inertia rate to compensate for today’s higher-revving, more powerful 2JZs as an all-around upgrade to the current damper. This new and improved unit functions equally as well on an OEM 2JZ to replace the factory unit which are prone to coming apart. Aesthetically the damper now features a durable hard anodized black finish with laser engraved 360-degree timing marks and logos making them much easier to read. This Version 2 damper has been designed to use the OEM length belt, no longer requiring a custom length belt.

Features: Modular Design with bolt on pulleys and OEM belt fitment, Higher inertia weight designed to better damper high RPM and high HP 2JZ as well as stock 2JZ’s, Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations, Durable Black Anodized finish, Laser Engraved 360 degree timing marks an Logos, Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs.


  • Supra MK4
  • SC300 -- Only with electric fans. It hits the factory fan shroud.
  • 2JZ in a FC or FD you have to use the V1 Damper. V2 will not fit. 

Note: The V2 crank damper sticks out 1.5" inches more than the V1.