ATF Speed 2JZ Adapter Plate for Chevy Trans w/ 2JZ SFI Steel Flexplate


SKU: 220425

2JZ Adapter Plate for Chevy Trans w/ 2JZ SFI Approved Steel Flexplate

ATF's NEW & IMPROVED adapter kit uses an SFI approved steel flywheel. This kit has been tested to well over 2,000 horsepower. Fits both 1JZ and 2JZ Toyota engines.

The ATF Steel Flywheel and Transmission Adapter system includes: 

  • ** SFI approved ** Billet Steel Flexplate
  • Billet Aluminum Transmission Adapter
  • Billet Aluminum Converter Adapter
  • ARP Flexplate bolts
  • All necessary Hardware
  • Installation Instructions

The ATF JZ SFI Approved Steel Flexplate Kit allows you to bolt any Chevrolet Transmission and Torque Converter to the back of the JZ engine, whether it is 1JZ or 2JZ does not matter. This Steel Flexplate Kit allows you to bolt any Large or Small Bolt Pattern Torque Converter to it. Best if the Torque Converter can be made a Large Bolt Pattern as the small bolt pattern is difficult to use when installing bolts. The Torque Converter needs to be a Standard Height GM Torque Converter. Nothing custom needs to be made to mate it to the flexplate. All the work is done for you.

This kit does not need a Starter Shim to correctly align the starter bendix gear to the flexplate ring gear. You need to just drill out the starter holes with a 13/32" Drill Bit to remove the threads. You will use your original starter hardware to bolt it to the ATF Adapter Plate. Thus allowing removal of the transmission without the need to unbolt the Starter. The kit also comes with ARP Flexplate bolts. Best if used with Red Locktight to prevent any loosening of the flexplate bolts. Also just a note when installing the torque converter please check the converter spacing to prevent any damage to it or the transmission. The spacing between the flat area of the torque converter pad and the mating surface of the flexplate should be between .125" -.180". If there is any excessive gap a spacer will need to be added. This kit is made to not need these but must always be checked positively for any issues.