Artec Toyota 2JZ-GTE T4 Exhaust Manifold Stainless Steel Cast Dual Tial MVR Flange



Artec Performance Stainless Steel Cast T4 Twinscroll Turbo Manifold for 2JZGTE Dual Tial MVR Flange

This manifold works with a Precision S Cover, H Cover, and Sportsman (GT42) cover as well as many Garrett models.

When designing this unit we looked at addressing many of the issues both customers and workshops have installing 2JZ-GTE manifolds. The first was accessibility to the nuts holding the manifold on . We have given extra clearance to allow use of a ring spanner on most of the nuts, and an open ender on most of the underside. Please note, OEM Studs can be used with this manifold. But of course some nice aftermarket Titanium ones would make the install look a bit nicer.

The manifold is designed using 36mm Internal Diameter runners and we have tried to keep the internal volume of the manifold down to increase throttle response.

This model also is designed to run dual 44/45/46mm wastegates for the total control of boost even in very high horse power applications, where low power for lower gears is required.

Another nice feature is the ability to very easily make the oil drain without touching the manifold.

Fits RHD and LHD

Can accept turbos ranging from GT30 all the way through to PTE 8685 and G45. Precision Turbo S Cover, H Cover, and Sportsman (GT42) cover. As well as many Garrett Models.


1993-1998 Supra Turbo MK4

2001-2005 GTE Swapped IS300

1998-2005 GTE Swapped GS300

1992-2000 GTE Swapped SC300/400