Alpha R35 GTR Billet Knuckle Upgrade Kit

$3,795.95 – $8,695.95

Knuckles Only (Requires Strange Brake Kit)
Knuckle Kit (Steel Brakes)
Knuckle Kit (Carbon Brakes)
SKU: ALP.07.03.0001-1

Exclusive Benefits

  • Key to Unlocking the 6’s
  • Knuckles are made from anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • The central component of the future Alpha big tire conversion
  • Integrated brake caliper mounting points are designed for the carbon brake kit from Strange Engineering
  • Choose the carbon or steel small brake kit in the drop down (steel option is pending)
  • Shock mounting location is moved inboard to allow for 29.5″ rear tires
  • Drop gears required to run the larger rear tire
  • Integrated sway bar mounting points
  • Includes fully assembled spherical bearings for all suspension mounting points
  • Big tire conversion consists of Billet Knuckles, Drop Gears, and 15″ Race X wheels


gtr mods upgrade kit

alpha r35 gtr billet knuckles


alpha r35 gtr brake kit upgrade mod


Introducing the R35 GTR Billet Knuckle Kit

The Alpha R35 GTR Billet Knuckle Kit is the key to unlocking the 6’s! The knuckles are constructed of 6061-T6 billet aluminum to guarantee the highest possible strength, durability and weight savings. Our Snailworks Engineers developed this clean sheet design complete with integrated attachment points built in for the brake calipers and sway bar mounting points which eliminates the need for additional brackets. The shock mounting points have been moved inboard to allow for the 29.5″ tall rear tire. To allow for even greater weight savings and stopping power we are including the Strange small brake kit.

Strange Carbon Drag Brake Kits are the lightest drag racing brake kits in the industry. They offer more stopping power and efficiency than any other manufacturer. Utilizing a proprietary blend of carbon fiber mixed with carbon matrix, Strange Carbon Drag Brake Kits are virtually immune to thermal shock. The result is a line of drag racing brakes that can withstand the extreme temperatures associated with obtaining maximum speed and returning to a stop within a quarter-mile. That means no rotor warpage and no brake fade. The use of a parachute system is required when utilizing this brake kit.


r35 gtr mods upgrade kit

Kit Includes

  • 2 Billet knuckles with spherical bearings installed
  • Your choice of carbon or steel small brake kit (steel option is pending)
  • Brake lines



  • 2009+ R35 GTR US, JDM, Gulf, and European Models (LHD & RHD)



  • This kit is available as knuckles only, with carbon brakes, or with steel brakes (steel option pending)

  • A proportioning valve may be needed with the carbon brakes for proper operation

  • Not for use with the stock brakes