Agency Power Under Body Tie Down Mounts Nissan GT-R



Strapping your Nissan GT-R down on the dyno or a trailer can be a real pain the arse!  Nissan definitely got the aerodynamics department dialed with a Nurburgring lap time of 7:08 in the GTR Nismo.  However for most of us tuners, the rear diffuser can make the GT-R difficult to work with.  Each time you want to dyno your GT-R or take it to the track on a trailer, you have to remove the rear diffuser.  Some shops might charge you an hour of labor to remove and put it back on!  The front tow hook can be used, but for those that really need to secure a 1200 horsepower monster down on the dyno, a more secure point should be used.  

Agency Power now has these front and rear complete tie down mounting kits available for your Nissan GT-R.  The rear portion mounts to the underside of your subframe behind the rear differential.  You have to cut 2 slots in your rear diffuser to make the mount useable.  Once that is done, you never have to remove your diffuser again and can easily connect straps to the underside.  The rear mount features precision cut steel plates that are welded together and have the required hardware for installation.  The mount features the Agency Power logo and is then powder coated in a glossy black finish.  The front mounts are actually sway bar endlink replacements that feature a steel eyebolt to connect to.  The adjustable sway bar links help in dialing in your suspension for corner balancing if desired.  However the key function is being able to connect a strap to a solid mounting position with the included eyelet.  The links are assembled with male and female 3 piece spherical rod ends.  They featured machined spacers for a proper fit and new hardware for installation.

Agency Power has developed these Tie Down Mounting Kits for the Nissan GT-R out of the necessity for safety and convenience.  This is definitely one of those parts you don't think you need until you are in that situation! 


  • Steel construction for extreme strength
  • Coated parts to handle the exposed elements
  • Tried and tested components to handle the abuse a GT-R receives on and off the track


  • Front set of sway bar links with eyelets
  • Single rear mount (requires trimming stock diffuser)


  • Nissan GT-R 2008+
  • Nissan GT-R SpecV 2008+
  • Nissan GT-R Black Edition 2012+
  • Nissan GT-R Nismo 2015+