Agency Power Satin Titanium Performance Racing Muffler Porsche 991 Turbo


SKU: AP-991TT-179
Since our beginnings in the Porsche tuning market, we have always strived to create the finest products at a fair price while proving them with our own project vehicles. The Porsche 991 Turbo tuning components are being designed and tested here with our own vehicle. Creating a OEM replacement exhaust may seem easy, but there are key elements to take into consideration as well. There is a fine balance between performance and sound. With the engineering Porsche has done in the new 991 including the economy mode, drone will be even more present than before. If you are not in Sport Mode, the car can be running at 1500rpm as your cruising at 40mph down the road. Previous 997 Turbo had a drone spot of around 2200-2800rpm. So reducing backpressure to gain performance while keeping a clean sound for daily driving is priority one!

Typically a x-Pipe design gives the car a bit of a muffled tone. That is because of the turbulence where the x junction is merged. Many people like this sound, however the turbulence can affect performance. We chose to do our system in full 3 inch Titanium with dual resonators. From the catalytic converter, the exhaust gas goes through 1 resonator, U turns through another resonator, and then out the exhaust tip. This gives each turbo its own full 3″ outlet. With the U-turn and 2 resonators, this should create a clean sound. Utilizing this with the stock catalytic converters will give some increases over stock while keeping you emission clean and CEL free. The exhaust is designed to work with the OEM or with AP's 3. 5" carbon fiber tips.

As tested on our Mustang AWD Dyno, we compared the 991 Turbo with the new Agency Power muffler to the stock muffler system. The muffler freed up exhaust flow quite a bit gaining almost 40 ft/lbs of torque at 4100rpm. This is the peak torque and where the turbochargers come on full blast. Horsepower peak gain was approximately 20 awhp at 5000rpm. The new Agency Power mufflers weigh in at just 8. 05lbs where the stock is 24. 5lbs, saving you up to about 16. 45lbs off the rear end. Providing even faster turbo spool up and larger top end gains is possible with the combination of our Agency Power headers and Race pipes.

  • The muffler exhaust system fits the 2014 and up Porsche 991 Turbo.
  • Made in the USA out of Titanium and TIG welded.
  • Features unique AP logo plate as part of the bracketing and includes other clamps for a easy install.
  • The muffler works with factory catalytic converters and exhaust tips.
  • Works with PSE exhaust system as tone changing is actually a valve near the intake.
  • All Agency Power parts come with a limited lifetime warranty when you fill out the here.