AEM Infinity 506 Plug and Play Adapter Harness for Mitsubishi Evo IX 9


SKU: BF21053-506

AEM Infinity Series 5

These are harnesses for the use of AEM's Infinity 506 and 508.

  • The Infinity offers full engine control.
  • Some vehicles may need an aftermarket crank/cam angle disc if the vehicle's factory crank/cam pattern is not officially supported by AEM.
  • In some instances, the factory ECU remains in parallel to communicate on the OEM CAN bus or control automatic transmissions..
  • Dodge, 1996+ Ford, Hyundai, and Kia applications require AEM coil drivers to be plugged into the Boomslang harness.
  • AEM Net, AEM UEGO, and AEM Flash Enable connectors are wired into the Boomslang harness.
  • Fully plug and play. Easy to install. Easy to uninstall.
  • Saves time, hard-wiring costs, and your factory wire harness.