AEM Boost Control Solenoid Kit 30-2400

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SKU: 30-2400


AEM's Boost Control Solenoid is specifically manufactured for automotive applications. It is designed to resist corrosion and sticking from exposure to rich fuel mixtures. AEM's Boost Control Solenoid is pressure tested to 100 PSI and includes 1/8" NPT to 3/16" Barb fittings to reduce any chance of leaks.

This installation is not for the tuning novice! Use this system with EXTREME caution! The AEM Boost Control Solenoid allows for total flexibility in boost tuning. Misuse or improper tuning of this product can destroy your engine! If you are not well versed in engine dynamics and the operation of boost controllers DO NOT attempt the installation. Refer the installation to an AEM-trained tuning shop or call 800-423-0046 for technical assistance.

NOTE: AEM holds no responsibility for any engine damage that results from the misuse or mistuning of this product!