RIFE Hi IAT Air Temperature Sensor GM Connector 40 to 485°F - 3/8" NPT


SKU: 52-1244

RIFE Hi IAT Air Temperature Sensor GM Connector 40 to 485°F - 3/8" NPT

Part # 52-1244

RIFE "Hi Temp" IAT / Intake Air Temp Sensors are perfect for 40°-485°F temperature ranges of intake air temps. These sensors feature ultra-fast response thermistors which are not only faster but more accurate than traditional EFI sensors on the market. Fast response times and accurate readings means more accurate adjustments to your tune for a safer and more reliable tuneup that you can count on.  

The Hi-AT sensor series is typically only used for turbo and blower cars as an IAT sensor and for compressor outlet temperature measurement.  Due to the high temperature ceiling it has, the resolution at lower temperatures will be greatly decreased. They are also acceptable for other applications around the vehicle that require an extended temperature range. The Hi-AT sensor is optimized for accuracy and resolution in the 40°-485°F temperature range.


  • 3/8" NPT thread
  • Faster Response Time
  • More Accurate Readings
  • Machined and built in house
  • 40 to 485°F
  • Hard Anodized CNC Machined housing

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General Calibration Info

HI IAT Temp Sensor Calibration Info

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