RIFE Liquid Temperature Sensor GM Connector -20 to 300°F - 3/8" NPT


SKU: 52-1245
RIFE Liquid Temperature Sensor GM Connector -20 to 300°F - 3/8" NPT

Part # 52-1245

Rife understands the importance of an accurate, durable, and fast acting sensor that you can count on with your EFI system. A sensor that is slow to react may cause damage to your engine or tune by delivering incorrect information based off of time and conditions which will not allow the ECU to operate its safeties or tune parameters correctly. While most aftermarket EFI sensors are re-labeled sensors from 80s and 90s factory technology when processing rates were slow and the sensors were less important. RIFE sensors are redesigned from the ground up using in house made bodies and state of the art sensor technology that you and your project can count on!


  • 3/8" NPT threads
  • Range: -20F to 300F
  • Uses GM LS Style two wire style factory connector
  • Faster Responding than traditional factory style sensors used in EFI systems
  • More accurate than Factory style sensors
  • Mating Connectors not included

To calibrate your sensor with aftermarket ECU, please reference the following setup sheets.




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