206 MPH Monster: Ray's Induction Performance Alpha12x R35 GT-R
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206 MPH Monster: Ray's Induction Performance Alpha12x R35 GT-R


Ray's GT-R Breaks 200 MPH! 

Congrats to our friend and client Ray on a very successful first time running the half-mile this weekend at WannaGOFAST.

In true streetcar fashion he chose to drive his Alpha12x GT-R to the event, and after a weekend of racing and three back-to-back 206 MPH runs he drove it back. Nearly 200 miles round trip with zero issues and multiple 200+ runs.

Truly amazing! 

We previously built a big power Supra for Ray, and he came back for us to build him this monster R35. We couldn't be happier with how everything came out and we look forward to further competition with the car in the future. But for now, it's going back to New York for Ray to enjoy. 

Thanks to AMS Performance for the Alpha12x package and a ton of other beautiful parts, Injector Dynamics for the F750 fuel filter and both sets of injectors and all of our other vendors who were apart of this build including Fast Forward Race Engines, EcuTek Technologies Ltd, BelaK Industries, ShepTrans and many more.


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