Visconti Tuning Factory Fuel System Upgrade Stage 2 for Nissan GT-R R35

$1,250.00 – $1,350.00

Dual 450lph Pumps (F90000274)
Dual 525lph Pumps (F90000285)
SKU: VTStg2Fuel

*All STG2 systems require our plug & play wiring kit*

Our STG2 485 basket upgrade is designed for a GTR with upgraded turbos running ethanol. (450-900WHP)

The Visconti Tuning GTR Billet Factory Fuel System upgrade solves a long time problem that has plagued GTR owners that choose to run Ethanol or want to service their fuel system. Never before could you guarantee that your upgraded fuel pumps and orings were seated correctly in the filter housing. Never before were you able to service your fuel filter without hacking up your factory basket or purchasing expensive fuel system upgrades.

  • -Accepts Walbro 485/525/535 pumps
  • -E85 Compatible 6 Micron Filter
  • -Perfect for street, road race & drag race applications
  • -Fully enclosed and always submerged in fuel
  • -CNC Aluminum , PTFE E85 submersible hose.
  • -Uses OEM Fuel Hanger & integrates seamlessly with the siphon system
  • -100% Plug and Play installation