Toyota Supra MKV (A90) B58 ECU Tune and Handheld by Hydra Motor Works

$1,095.00 – $1,295.00


*** NEW -- Tuning Solution for the A90 Supra is HERE! Unlock the hidden power gains detained in your ECU with a Hydra Motor Works ECU Tune. ***

Maximize your A90 Supra’s horsepower, torque and driveability with a Hydra Motor Works ECU Tune. Our tune is designed to take your Supra’s performance to the next level while maintaining OEM reliability. This vehicle utilizes a handheld tuning device which connects to your OBD-II port on your vehicle to make the tuning process as user-friendly as possible. 

Power gains for a stock vehicle on Stage 1 tune are +60 WHP / +55 LB/FT peak as measured on a dyno. Gains of more than 80 wheel horsepower were found at other parts of the powerband.

Stage 2 tune is also available for vehicles equipped with intake, downpipe and/or exhaust. You may purchase Stage 2 upgrades at the same time as Stage 1 for a $100 discount. If purchased separately, upgrading to Stage 2 tune will be $300 charge.

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