Titan Motorsports Front Upper Adjustable Control Arms for Toyota Supra JZA80


After months of development and testing at the track, we are pleased to release our new Titan Motorsports adjustable front control arms for the MKIV Supra. These tubular chromoly control arms are a direct replacement over the factory units. They feature dual barrel adjusters, for quick adjustment, race proven heim joints and spherical bearings.

Dual barrel adjusters with FK Rod ends replace the factory rubber bushings and allow for quick and precise alignment changes at the control arm. Caster and camber changes can be made by simply loosening the jam nut, inserting a standard 1/4 ratchet into the end of the barrel adjuster and turning to lengthen and shorten the length of the rod end. Shortening or lengthening the rods independently allows for and a range from factory settings all the way up to 5 degrees of camber and over 10 degrees of caster.

The factory ball joint is integrated into the control arm, requiring the complete arm to be replaced when these reach the end of their service life. These control upgraded arms address this issue by replacing the factory ball joint with a more durable spherical bearing which can be serviced independently.

The control arm comes complete with all spacers and hardware required for installation.