ProEFI Pro112 ECU


$1,362.39 $1,434.09



  • All live calibration
  • All tables and options will be live except for CAM and CRANK setup
  • Porsche-Dash control, check engine light control, indicators for current RPM set point and current I-boost set point using the cruise control function (while not Active). Displays current setting on tachometer.
  • 2 valet modes (Can be speed limited, rpm limited, throttle limited, boost limited, or any combination of the above)
  • CAN based wideband control
  • Uses Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband sensors for highest accuracy of readings. (External)
  • 86 MHZ processor (maintains all software feature content of the 128) Processor speeds exceeding even the ultra fast Pro128
  • 8 injector capability (High Imp only)
  • 8 coil capable
  • Drive by wire capable
  • Current RPM LIMITER setpoint
  • 34 analog inputs
  • 10 low sides + fuel pump relay control, main relay control, and tach control
  • 4 stages of nitrous control- multiple event trigger control range. V.E. 
  • based fueling
  • Boost control-Multiple control strategies
  • Traction Control-Multiple control strategies
  • Drive Off limiters to help with light rotating mass and grabby clutches
  • Digital inputs-3 channels – Fully programmable pre configured
  • 2 H-bridge channel sets – Used for Stepper motor control, or Electronic Throttle Control (expandable)
  • 3 digital speed inputs
  • 3 CAN channels
  • FLEX fuel capable
  • 2 knock channels
  • Fuel pump control
  • Variable CAM
  • Idle control-Pulse width and stepper