ProEFI Color CAN Display/Logger


$987.55 $1,049.73


Manufacturer Description

The ProEFI Display allows the user to monitor 30 channels through a 4″ screen which displays 3 to 4 digital screen, there is also Knock screen and a Fault screen.  Users also able to move gauges to different screens to give it a more personal touch.

  • Air/Fuel Ratio 1
  • Ethanol Content Percent
  • Target AFR
  • Lambda 1
  • O2 Feedback Multiplier (Fuel Trim)
  • Instant Fuel Economy
  • Primary Injector Duty
  • Primary Fuel Pressure PSI
  • Manifold Pressure Kpa
  • Manifold Pressure PSI
  • Pressure Ratio
  • WasteGate Setpoint PSI(Target boost)
  • WasteGate Setpoint Kpa(Target boost)
  • WasteGate Duty Cycle
  • I Boost Mode
  • Exhaust Backpressure PSI
  • Spark Advance
  • System Voltage (Battery Volts)
  • Coolant Temperature Deg F
  • Inlet Air Temperature Deg F
  • Radiator Pressure PSI
  • Oil Pressure PSI
  • Oil Temperature Deg F
  • Trans Pressure PSI
  • Nitrous Bottle Pressure PSI
  • Differential Wheel Speed
  • Non Driven Wheel Speed
  • Current Rev Limit setpoint


**And Many More Channels**