ProEFI - CAN Based Accelerometer and Tilt Angle Sensor

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ProEFI's Accelerometer/Gyro sensor is a must for any form of racing! 

Accelerometer will help:
-Dial in traction control
-Dial in launch control
-Reduce power when cornering to help manage and maintain stability
-Help aid in dialing in brake proportioning and tire pressure settings

Angle measurement will help:
-Power reduction on vehicles with a propensity for lifting the front tires above axle centerline (wheeling beyond control)
-Help aid in shock and spring setup as it will measure body roll

Installation is simple, bolt it into the vehicle on a flat surface with the direction on the sensor matching the car, wire in power, ground, and CAN +/- .

Compatible with Pro 128 and Pro 112 ECUs.

*This readout can also be viewed and logged within the Color CAN display!


Sensor Specs:

*Voltage range: 9v-16v
*Current draw: 50 milliamps
*Accuracy of angle measurement: .02 degrees
*Accuracy of accelerometer: .01G
*Response time of both accelerometer and angle measurement: .05 seconds
*Range of angle measurement: +/- 64 degrees
*Range of the accelerometer: +/- 4Gs

This is a must for anyone serious about dialing their vehicles in and going faster! If you have any questions about use and/or setup please feel free to send an email to or give us a call!