ProEFI Pro128 ECU Kit for Toyota Supra


$3,285.14 $3,551.55



The Toyota Supra Kit Includes:

  • ProEFI 128 ECU
  • Adapter Harness (Choose either 6spd or Auto)
  • 5 Bar Map Sensor
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor Kit
  • Wideband O2 Sensor Kit
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit
  • iBoost Switch Kit
  • iBoost Solenoid Kit

The ProEFI Color CAN Display/Logger is the perfect add-on to your Pro128, Pro112 or Pro48 ECU featuring full end-user customization of the parameters displayed, allowing for up to four gauges on a single screen.

It also allows for display and clearing of fault codes as well as provides ability to do map switching, adjust tire size and toggle traction control on/off. Insert a USB thumb drive into the rear of the display for easy, hands-free automatic logging.

For more info, watch this instructional video: