ProEFI - Pro112 Race ECU Kit for Porsche 996/997


SKU: 94750d-1
  • Pro112 ECU
  • Porsche 996 or 997 Manual Transmission Jumper Harness
  • 150psi Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • 5 Bar Map Sensor
  • 2 Channel CAN Wideband Controller w/ Sensor
  • Intake Air Temp Sensor
  • Boost Control Solenoid
  • CAN Communication Cable

Pro112 ECU Features:

All live calibration

All tables and options will be live except for CAM and CRANK setup

Currently available for Porsche 996/997 applications and Toyota Supra applications

Porsche-Dash control, check engine light control, indicators for current RPM set point and current I-boost set point using the cruise control function (while not Active). Displays current setting on tachometer.
2 valet modes (Can be speed limited, rpm limited, throttle limited, boost limited, or any combination of the above)

CAN based wideband control
Uses Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband sensors for highest accuracy of readings.

86 MHZ processor (maintains all software feature content of the 128)
Processor speeds exceeding even the ultra fast Pro128

8 injector capability (High Imp only)

8 coil capable

Drive by wire capable

34 analog inputs

10 low sides + fuel pump relay control, main relay control, and tach control

4 stages of nitrous control- multiple event trigger control range. V.E. based fueling

Boost control-Multiple control strategies

Traction Control-Multiple control strategies

Drive Off limiters to help with light rotating mass and grabby clutches

Digital inputs-3 channels – Fully programmable pre configured

2 H-bridge channel sets – Used for Stepper motor control, or Electronic Throttle Control (expandable)

3 digital speed inputs

3 CAN channels

FLEX fuel capable

2 knock channels

Fuel pump control

Variable CAM

Idle control-Pulse width and stepper

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