PHR -- Powerhouse Racing PNP Harness for IS300 Electric Fan Kit

$295.00 $280.25

SKU: PHR 01010714


This is a plug and play harness for the PHR IS300 Fan Kit.

Simplify the wiring on your dual fan setup. Run your fans on LOW or HIGH. High activates with the air conditioning as well as on command using the "High input" wire.

Works on any dual fan setup.

PHR uses only the highest grade components and wiring in all of their wire harness products.


1. Bolt the ground to the chassis ground located below and to the left of the fuse box.
2. Connect the EB1 connector (8pin) in-line of the factory EB1 connector (located below fuse box).
3. Run fan wires routed along factory wires to the IS300 fan kit and plug in the connectors to the IS300 fans.
4. Connect Positive terminal to positive terminal of the fuse box. Make sure battery is disconnected first.
5. Secure relays using zip ties, or double sided adhesive tape to fuse box or wiring. (you can also use a small screw to secure, but be careful not to damage wiring inside fuse box.