PHR -- Powerhouse Racing 40 Row Transmission Cooler Kit for 1993-98 Supra

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SKU: PHR 01012225.S
Powerhouse Racing is proud to offer the finest transmission cooler kit ever developed for the Toyota Supra Platform. Made for the 1993-2001 JZA80 Supra, this kit offers the highest heat transfer rate you can achieve with this size of oil cooler at 67,000 BTU's per hour.

Also featuring -6 Stainless Braided hose, and all mounting hardware, this kit is the complete package you need to install on your Supra.

Compatible with the factory A340E Transmission, Turbo400 (TH400), and Powerglide.

Note: Please note, if you already have the PHR Oil Cooler Kit, this cooler occupies the same space and therefore you cannot have both kits on the car.