Induction Performance FAB-S1 Twin Scroll, Tubular Exhaust Manifold for 2JZ

$1,950.00 – $2,710.00

Precision 46mm
Turbosmart GENV
SKU: IP.325.015.FABS1

We are proud to bring to market a new tubular exhaust manifold option for the famous 2JZ-GTE engine. First in a new line of products scheduled for release from Induction Performance, the FAB-S1 exhaust manifold features 1.25" schedule 10 construction using 304 stainless steel, all hand-crafted design and professionally tig welded by the masters at Virtual Works Racing.

Not only are these manifolds beautiful, but they are also built to last.

This design is exclusive to Induction Performance and we have worked tirelessly with Dana and the crew at VWR to perfect the fitment, wastegate placement and runner design to work with every T4-based turbo available on the market today and minimize the headaches and cut/bruised knuckles associated with some of the other lesser manifold options. The twin wastegate configuration allows for the absolute best boost control possible, and we offer packages that include wastegates to save you some cash. Works with Turbosmart, TiAL and Precision wastegates, or any wastegate that uses a 44mm-46mm flange.

  • 1.250” schedule 10 primaries
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Hand-built and smoothed collector
  • Professionally TIG welded and back purged
  • IP logo etched on head flange
  • Twin scroll, twin 44mm wastegate configuration