Garrett G-Series G45-1500 76mm Turbocharger

$3,065.24 – $4,241.08

1.01 T4 Inlet
1.15 T4 Inlet
1.28 T4 Inlet
1.44 T4 Inlet
$3,606.17 $3,065.24
SKU: 888169-5005S

Horsepower: 750 - 1500

Displacement: 2.0L - 8.0L


• G45-1500 compressor aero increases flow up to 18% (compared to GTX4508R 76mm)
• 76mm compressor inducer | 109mm compressor exducer
• Dual ceramic ball bearing with steel cages
• G Series turbine aero increases flow 14% (compared to GTX45R)
• Inconel turbine wheel with 89mm inducer flows up to 56 lbs/min
• Lightweight aluminum backplate
• Fully machined speed sensor and pressure ports
• Water fittings included with super core
• Stainless steel turbine housings available in T4 divided inlet
• Sized for drag racing classes: Sport Front Wheel Drive, Ultimate Street, Super Street, Street Fighter


Reference Data

The latest Garrett technologies featuring many advanced features.

G45-1500 Supercore Reference Data


SuperCore PN: 888169-5005S

Compressor Turbine
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Inducer Exducer Trim
76mm 109mm 44 0.85 89mm 82mm 84



G45 Turbine Housing Kits Turbine Kit PN A/R Inlet Outlet Wastegate Divided
Free float / non-wastegated turbine housing kits are sold
independently of the super core
757707-0023 1.01 T4 V-Band Free Float Y
757707-0024 1.15 T4 V-band Free Float Y
757707-0025 1.28 T4 V-band Free Float Y
757707-0026 1.44 T4 V-band Free Float Y

G-Series G45-1500 76mm

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The latest Garrett technologies featuring many advanced features.

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G-Series G45-1500 76mm

Compressor Map & Exhaust Flow Chart

The latest Garrett technologies featuring many advanced features.

Compressor Map

Exhaust Flow Chart

Additional G45 Configurations

G Series G45 is available in 2 additional compressor inducer sizes. G45-1125 (67mm) and G45-1350 (72mm) You can click the hyperlinks to go directly to those product pages. All G45 models are interchangeable meaning they are the same size and can be swapped out without having to reconfigure any other turbo kit parts.


G45 Turbine Housing Kits

G45 turbine housing kits are available in four A/R. 1.01 A/R | 1.15 A/R | 1.28 A/R | 1.44 A/R stainless steel housings with T4 divided inlet flange. Our 1.44 A/R T4 turbine housing flows 57 LBS/MIN of air which is a 14% increase over the GTX45 turbine wheel.