Fore Innovations Nissan GT-R Triple Pump Module / Fuel Pump Hanger


SKU: 34-900

Fore Innovations Nissan GT-R Triple Pump Hanger offers a solution to your fueling needs for you high horsepower GT-R. With the ability to run 3 pumps such as the Walbro 485 e85 compatible pumps you'll have the fueling you need for 1600HP. 

  • Supports over 1600 all wheel horsepower
  • E85 and race fuel compatible (see pump manufacturer recommendations on fuel compatibility)
  • Requires aftermarket fuel feed and return lines
  • Retains OEM level sender, temperature sensor, and transfer function
  • O-ring pump seal eliminates in-tank fuel hose to completely eliminate failures in E85 and race gas applications
  • High current hermetic wire seal completely eliminates the possibility of fuel smells and leaks
  • 12 gauge power wires ensure maximum pump performance
  • Polymer pump support minimizes pump noise and eliminates electrolysis
  • Transfers without restrictor orifice on return discharge, ensuring accurate fuel pressure under any output or consumption conditions

Nissan GT-R R35

Feed Port: -10 o-ring
Return Port: -8 o-ring
Pump Types: 36mm, 39mm, and 39/50mm pump bodies

  • Must use upgraded feed/return fuel lines.
  • External 10 micron filtration must be added (this is included in all our complete fuel systems for the GT-R)
  • Choose FC3 to stage pumps using OEM triggers (run one pump full time)
  • OEM transfer function is retained (which continuously transfers fuel to the pump side) but our module eliminates the restrictive "basket" in the OEM fuel pump assembly. We recommend 1/2 tank minimum for track use.