Fikse / Contour Series / P113-C




NOTE: This listing is for a complete set of wheels in fitment for the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra. Specifications listed below. For custom options or different sizing, please contact us directly for a quote. We are available via email at and via phone at 813.443.5064.

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Manufacturer Description

The Contour series of wheels, which was originally designed for and proven in the most demanding racing environments, is now available for your street vehicle. Initially used only on Daytona Prototypes, this series of wheels has been re-worked to provide the serious street and track racer an opportunity to push the limits. The Contour series utilizes specifically shaped spokes for maximum stiffness which translates to increased response time and a greater feel for the driver. Each and every fitment has been thoroughly researched to reduce weight. Vertical I-beam spokes further reduce the weight while improving the wheels visual appeal. Increases in brake rotor diameters and larger calipers are covered easily with an expansive range of hub pad heights available.

Fully machined rim mounting surfaces reduce weight at the largest diameter, which lowers the overall moment of inertia. This lower moment of inertia increases acceleration and reduces breaking distances – a clear advantage in competitive racing environments – and also translates into reduced fuel consumption and reduced break wear during street use.

In short, the Contour series wheel is the ultimate street and track use weapon.

Contour wheels are available in 17″ and 18″ sizes and in widths from 7" to 13". Custom finish options available. Contact your dealer for more information.


18x10" +41mm

Rear: 18x11.5" +51mm

Lip: Polished (Standard)

Face: Painted (Center)