Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) A90 MKV Toyota Supra Downpipe B58


Street - GESI High Flow Cat
Stock Size
ETS 4" Pro Series Exhaust
SKU: 900-20-exh-013

An ETS Pro Series Downpipe should be the first upgrade you purchase for your 2020 Toyota Supra, as the factory downpipe significantly chokes exhaust flow at the end of the downpipe near the catback connection.  Our Pro Series upgrade turns your factory 3.15" downpipe connection into a massive 4.00" connection, which increases flow area by over 21%.

Do you already have an aftermarket exhaust that works with the factory downpipe?  Don't worry, we have you covered!  We offer a Factory/Stock Replacement downpipe connection for those that want to run factory or  stock replacement aftermarket exhaust systems.

Don't settle for a cheap downpipe that will fail down the road.  The ETS 2020 Supra Downpipe is built out of the highest quality 304 stainless steel and incorporates a TurboFlex coupling designed specifically for turbocharged applications.  Traditional flex sections will fail and/or collapse under extreme heat. 


  • CNC 304 Stainless Steel Turbo Mating Flange
  • 4.5" to 4.0" or 4.5" to 3.15" Design (see the picture below)
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • TurboFlex coupling featuring an internal stainless steel interlock liner that facilitates smooth flow of high temperature exhaust gases. 
  • Fully Tig Welded In House
  • Direct Bolt On Design




  • Street Downpipe
    • Designed with a GESI High Flow Cat for street use.
    • Race/Off-Road Downpipe
      • Designed with a straight through designed for Off-Road and/or Track use only.



      • Factory/Stock Replacement Exhaust System Connection
        • Designed to mate up to your factory exhaust or aftermarket exhaust system system.
        • ETS 4.0" Pro Series Connection
          • The ETS 4.0" Pro Series connection increases flow area by over 21% at the downpipe connection.  Making it the highest flowing exhaust system on the market for the 2020+ Supra when coupled with an ETS 4.0" Pro Series Exhaust System.


          Quality Assurance

          • Proudly built in the USA
          • Measured with CMM Probe for accuracy
          • Precision Tig Welded
          • Inspected and cleaned prior to shipment
          • Packed with expanding foam to ensure your downpipe arrives safely


          • Direct replacement design.
          • Install can be done with basic hand tools in just a few hours.


          • 2020+ Toyota Supra