ECUMaster PNP Adapter for 2JZ




Plug and Play is designed for the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra with manual transmission, GE or GTE, or a manual transmission non-VVTi SC300. This plug and play ECU will also operate a non-VVTi Aristo 2JZGTE engine so long as it is used with a manual transmission. Vehicles with USDM 2JZ engines will need to purchase an intake temperature sensor kit, as the MAF sensor is eliminated with the EMU. JDM 2JZGTE engines will make use of their existing IAT sensor.

This adapter is not designed for use with the stock sequential turbo system, it was built with single turbo setups in mind. Stock turbos may be used, but must be converted to “true twin” operation.

This adapter will work with the EMU, EMU CAN, or EMU Black, simply pick an ECU based on the features you need. ECU is sold separately.