Driveshaft Shop 2015+ R35 Rear axle Stubs for the GTR (For NI78 Kit)

$629.99 $566.98

When the R35 first came out we rushed and made axles right away, but it seems when the cars got to about 1000HP other things started to break. Not our axles, but the inner differential stubs. The early cars never seemed to be an issue but this car is a bit heavier. This set of stubs has been designed to eliminate the conversion plate we supplied with the NI66 kits and mounts directly to the 108mm CV on the axle.The stubs are made from 300M (same stuff we have been using from Sweden) along with the billet 4340 housings will handle anything you want to put into them (these will not work with the stock axles). We are now also offering the new R35 kit with the stubs (part number NI68) and have list price to compensate for the stubs...

(Price is for both left and right they are 314.99 each)