Induction Performance Timing Package -- Gates Belt, Billet Tensioner Bracket, Modified Timing Gear

Induction Performance

$349.95 $374.95


Induction Performance Modified Timing Gear 

A very wise upgrade and a solution to a very common problem! On any 2JZ-GTE we recommend to have the factory "timing gear" or "crank gear" modified! This starts off as a brand new OEM Toyota gear and we then tig weld the normally pressed on trigger wheel to prevent it from moving, or coming off. If this does come apart this can cause several issues and result in a non running car or even more severe engine damage.  

Induction Performance Billet Timing Tensioner

This billet timing belt tensioner is a must have for any 2JZ engine. The stock cast brackets break, leading to possible motor damage. Produced out of billet steel our billet tensioner is much stronger than the factory cast piece! We have used these tensioners for years and have never had a failure. These have been used on applications 1500+HP and almost 10k RPM. 

Gates Racing Timing Belt

Constructed of HNBR Elastomeric composites, these belts provide up to three times the heat resistance, and feature teeth reinforced with Aramid and nylon fiber to minimize wear. And Gates Racing Performance timing belts are 300% stronger than the standard aftermarket belt. The added strength gives tuners the high performance they demand. Gates is the largest producer of automotive timing belts in the world. Many of the aftermarket units that are offered from JDM companies are manufactured by Gates and just relabeled. 

PLUS: Add an ATI Crank Pulley for an additional $326!