ARP Extended Wheel Stud Kit for Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35

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SKU: 100-7716

These extra-long ARP 350Z wheel studs are designed for today's thick-centered, high-performance racing wheels on the Nissan 350Z. The chromoly steel studs are heat-treated and have a 190,000 psi tensile strength rating, which allows them to handle rapid acceleration shock loads (shear) and lateral G-forces (elongation). These studs are longer and sturdier than factory studs.

ARP is an industry leader in fastener technology, and they incorporate extensive engineering, testing and research into their product line. This brand is trusted by professionals around the world, and ARP’s products are used in applications where there is no option for failure.

Important Notes

This is for the price of one set. If you are unsure of the stud size on your vehicle always pop one out and measure the knurl or the underhead part of the stud.

Stud Specifications 100-7716

  • Thread Size: 12mm x 1.25 RH
  • Knurl Diameter (in.): 0.0565"
  • Underhead Length (in.): 3.0"
  • Knurl Lenth (in.): 0.270"
  • Quick-Start Nose: Yes

Comes with 1 set of 5 Studs, Quantity 4 needed per vehicle.