BP Autosports 2JZ-GTE Gen-R V-band Billet Exhaust Manifolds

$2,200.00 – $2,600.00

Schedule 10 304 SS
Schedule 5 321SS
SKU: BPGen-R T4 twin scroll-1

BP Autosports, LLC. continues our Gen-R line of exhaust manifolds with the 2JZ-GTE Gen-R V-band manifold. Utilizing the same stepped primary design that's made our Gen II manifold so popular, this manifold is designed from the ground up to be a powerhouse of epic proportions. Like all of our Gen-R manifolds, the Gen-R V-band manifold features a billet merge collector, allowing for the utmost in collector flow, efficiency, and longevity!

All Gen-R manifolds feature the following:

  • Equal radius primaries with smooth transition 1.25" - 1.5" steps for optimal strength, flow, exhaust gas velocity, spooling characteristics, and power

  • 304SS or lightweight, exotic 321SS construction

  • BILLET merge collector to provide unparalleled exhaust flow, collector efficiency, and boost control characteristics

  • Professionally TIG welded and back purged with special attention paid to weld aesthetics; our manifolds not only perform well, but look great too!


These manifolds are NON OPTIONABLE other than primary material type, and are only offered in twin 44mm wastegate iterations.


Known Chassis Compatibility:

  • MKIV Supra (1993 - 1998)


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