DEAL: Carrillo HD Pro-H Connecting Rods / Diamond Piston Combo

Induction Performance

$2,449.95 $2,732.90


Carrillo HD Pro-H Connecting Rods

Carrillo Connecting Rods are manufactured from a proprietary steel, manufactured and forged to custom specifications. After experimenting with virtually every other reasonable material, Carrillo found a chromium/nickel/vanadium/molybdenum-forged alloy to be the best product to meet the stringent requirements of performance motors. Through out the manufacturing process Carrillo rods are inspected and measured to uphold high quality standards. When you go with Carrillo - you go with quality. Rods sold as a *COMPLETE* Matched Set.

Description: PRO-H Connecting Rod; Straight Blade; Heavy Duty; Set of 6
Gram Weight: 606 / 428 / 178
Length: 5.590in / 141.99mm
BE Width: 1.020in / 25.91mm
BE Bore: 2.1666in / 55.032mm
Bolt Size: 3/8 CARR
Pin Dia: 22mm
PE Width: 1.000in / 25.40mm

Induction Performance / Diamond Racing Pistons

Diamond Racing Pistons and Induction Performance have teamed up to develop an all-new piston design for the 2JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE and 1JZ-GTE engines, and we feel it’s a true game changer!

When we started this project we wanted to bring a superior piston design to the market while also injecting more built-in value. First off, this means that upgraded wrist pins are standard with our Induction Performance spec Diamond Pistons. You won’t find any dinky .150 wall pins here. The standard shelf wrist pin will be .200 wall and made from H13 Tool Steel, which is a much stronger material than the 9310 steel used in many other pins. This allows us to reduce rotating assembly mass without sacrificing strength.

Additionally, we’ve outfitted these pistons with several features that aren’t standard on many of the competing pistons already on the market including moly skirt coating, lateral gas ports, internal milling, dual pin oilers, oversized valve reliefs and 3D milled crowns. We also moved the top ring placement down from the deck and added larger spacing between each ring for added strength. Each set includes Total Seal High Performance rings, and every piston has already been pin fit for you out of the box.

We can offer these pistons in any compression ratio and bore size desired, and we will have the most common combinations on the shelf ready to go at most all times. Custom orders are a breeze as well, with turnarounds averaging roughly three weeks. We can do anything you can think of, but we like to think we thought about most of it already with this design!

The best part? These pistons will retail at $999.

From a mild build to all-out record-chasing, these pistons fit the bill. Of course, we can offer extras such as DLC pin coating, various crown coating and anodizing options and larger .220 wall wrist pins for those looking to make upwards of 1,500whp. We also have a FULL BILLET piston available as well for those hardcore setups.

Contact us directly for any custom inquiries! 

ACL Bearings

Add a full set of rod, main and thrust from ACL with your order for only $199!