Alpha Performance R35 GT-R A/C Delete Kit




The Alpha R35 GT-R A/C Delete Kit allows for removal of the compressor, lines and condenser for a weight savings of over 20 lbs.!  The black anodized, billet aluminum mounting and stainless steel support brackets are lightweight and durable for a long life.

This kit is easy to install utilizing an OEM Nissan pulley and retains your factory serpentine belt for reliability and simplicity.  We even integrated a provision to retain the factory turbo outlet pipe mounting location found on the factory air conditioning compressor.

Do it right the first time, order your Alpha GT-R A/C delete Kit today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Reduce weight by over 20 lbs. by removing the air conditioning system
  • Black anodized billet aluminum bracket for durability
  • OEM Nissan pulley for reliability
  • Utilizes the OEM serpentine belt for simplicity
  • Provision for turbo outlet pipe mounting
  • OEM fit and finish

Kit Includes

  • Nissan Idler pulley
  • Anodized 6061 billet aluminum mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel support bracket
  • All necessary hardware

Product Note

  • If you are using an ATI crank pulley/damper, you will need NAPA Part # NAPA040822 belt or eqivalent.
    • NAPA 070822
      15/16" x 82-3/4" OC
      24mm x 2102mm OC