AEM Infinity-8 Plug and Play Jumper Harness for 93-98 Toyota Supra MKIV Turbo M/T


$313.59 $333.28


The Infinity Plug & Play programmable ECU for the 1993-’98 MKIV Toyota Supra turbo equipped with a manual transmission (Infinity-8 PN 30-7101 and Infinity-10 PN 30-7100) includes an application-specific start-up calibration and connects via a Plug & Play harness that is sold separately (PN 30-3500). Begin by determining which Infinity ECU will best support the ancillary components in your manual transmission Toyota Supra Turbo using the Infinity Specifications Chart (see "Specs" tab).

Complete Stand Alone Engine Control
The Infinity ECU combines with the Plug & Play harness to replace the manual transmission MKIV Toyota Supra turbo's factory ECU and control all of the engine functions. An AEM MAP sensor (sold separately) is required for proper operation of the Infinity ECU on this application.

Plug & Play Harness with Expansion Port
The Plug & Play Adapter harness for the MKIV Toyota Supra turbo adapts to the factory wiring harness and mounts in the factory ECU location. Visit the "Features" tab for more information about the Supra Infinity Plug & Play harness expansion port.

The Infinity ECU for the Toyota Supra turbo will not control the stock twin sequential turbos and is for manual transmissions only. Please refer to the installation instructions for more information.