HKS Hipermax IV GT Suspension 93-98 Toyota Supra


$1,394.70 $1,550.00


Manufacturer Description

HKS's new and best street coilover, the HKS HiperMax IV GT Coilovers provide great comfort and outstanding performance. 

These coilovers feature PNE Coating which offers 5 times better durability over standard galvanising. This provides extra protection around the threads of the adjustment areas preventing build-up and increasing the ease of height adjustment.  

They also feature a new Design Needle which provides better low, middle and high speed dampening. This is the key to the newly improved comfort allowing these coilovers to provide the best street comfort HKS has offered. 

They also feature 30 Way adjustable dampening for fine tuning and adjustment to provide the best performance and comfort when needed. 


Front spring rate Rear spring rate Free height Damping ratio front Damping ratio rear Height adjustment front Height adjustment rear  Notes
N/mm (kgf/mm) N/mm (kgf/mm) F/R mm Rebound/Compression Rebound/Compression mm mm  
137 (14) 78 (8) 200/200 2350/400 1000/200 -42 (0 - -115) -23 (0 - -105) N/A