Ferrea Dual Valve Springs -- 2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE


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Our take

Like all of their products, Ferrea's valve springs set the standard for aftermarket performance on the 2JZ cylinder head. This dual valve spring kit is recommended for any 2JZ utilizing aftermarket camshafts. 

This kit REQUIRES use of Ferrea Titanium Retainer #E11037 and BOTH Ferrea Spring Seat Locator #SL1001 and Factory supplied Spring Seat Locator. You can add the retainer kit and locators with the dropdown menu above, or they can be found separately here and here. 

We recommend this kit up to about 9,000 RPM and 45 psi. For high boost/pressure/RPM applications, use the PAC Alloy dual spring with high pressure locators available here.


Our springs are heat-treated and stress relieved, which dramatically increases the spring’s life. Our valve springs provide the stability needed for high lift, high rpm racing engines, while minimizing the load loss for today’s aggressive valvetrain combinations.

We currently offer four different types of retainers to choose from: Titanium, Lightweight Tool Steel, Steel and Aluminum Magnesium retainers, all of which are CNC machined to perfection and offer superior strength and stability.

Ferrea takes great pride in offering premium quality Spring Seat Locators. Fully CNC machining in-house from 4140 chromoly alloy for different applications.

Each piece is crafted to exact tolerances OD & ID specs and insure flat, parallel spring pad to the bottom surface. Heat treatment consists of a hard Nitrided surface for unmatched toughness and anti-wear characteristics.


3.0L I/L 6 Cyl - DOHC 24 Valve (2JZGE - 2JZGTE), This Spring requires Ferrea Titanium Retainer # E11037 and BOTH, Ferrea Spring Seat Locator # SL1001 and Factory supplied Spring Seat Locator
NOTE: For HIGH PRESSURE use BOTH Ferrea Spring Seat Locator # SL1001 AND # SL1060 (Discard OEM Spring Seat Locator)
Outside Diameter: 20.8mm/28.0mm
Inside Diameter: 15.88mm/20.8mm
Seat Pressure: 87 lbs @ 34mm
Open Pressure: 195 lbs @ 24mm
Max Net Lift: 12.5mm