Quick Release Race Style IGN-1A / IGN1A Coil Bracket and Hardware for 2JZ/1JZ

$329.00 – $379.00

Yes - Black (+$50)
SKU: IP470.015.IPC-QRB

Induction Performance Quick Release / Race Style IGN1A Bracket

We are proud to release the newest addition to our long standing line of IGN1A products for the 2JZ/1JZ engine. The new quick release design will make removing the coils for spark plug changes a breeze! If you drag race, drift, or use your 2JZ or 1JZ in any competitive environment you will be thankful for the reduced time it takes to gain access to the spark plugs.

Offered in raw aluminum or black anodized finish, our new bracket is ready to ship and works with ALL 2JZ-GTE or 2JZ-GE covers. That's right. Stock or aftermarket -- we have the solution for you! AND this kit has been confirmed to work with the 1JZ-GTE cylinder head as well!

Hardware for mounting the bracket and hardware for mounting coils to the bracket is included with every purchase. Select your desired color for the quick release hardware.

General Information

The IGN1A coil has been gaining popularity among the racing community for their amazing ability to produce powerful spark without the need for an igniter. These smart coils will be the last coils you ever buy. More power, better idle and drivability, and with our beautiful CNC precision machined billet aluminum bracket and stainless allen head bolts, we feel it’s an aesthetic upgrade as well.

Our bracket has been carefully designed and machined to not only serve the purpose of mounting your IGN1A coils but also to do so in a manner that compliments the engine bay. When comparing our bracket to the other options available, the difference is clear. Don't put inferior parts on your Supra or 2JZ!

NOTE: The bracket will work on any 2JZ cylinder head with any stock or aftermarket valve covers. 

This listing is for the Induction Performance IGN1A coil bracket by itself. For other individual items or the full kit, please see the links below.

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