Another IP Stage 2 GTR finished

Chris picked up his newly finished 2014 IP Stage 2 GTR today.  We were very happy to provide the parts, install the parts and tune it. 594whp 588ft-lbs @ 18lbs on 93 octane. Our Stage 2 Kit consists of the following: Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors with plug and play adapters, DW 265 LPH Fuel Pumps, 3 Inch Ceramic coated downpipes, Ceramic coated Midpipe, 3 Inch Intakes, and a custom tune! Chris opted to have this car tuned on COBB and purchased the Accessport from us on his first visit. We offer this package with either the EcuTek tuning or COBB Accessport and tuning.

Short video here.

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